GDC 2011

Friday March 11, 2011

Monday and Tuesday contained tutorials and summits, a sort of grouping of similar talks before the conference proper. Very different from GDC Canada which gets down to the mettle, but burns out after just two days.

I opted to split my time, attending the first day of the AI Summit on Monday, and the Kinect Developer Summit on Tuesday.

My favourite talk from the first two days was probably "AI Pr0n: Maximum Exposure of Your Debug Info!" It is surprising how simply drawing a few coloured circles on the ground can quickly convey a lot of (potentially wrong) data.

iam8bit setup a 20 by 8 foot mural in the lower level of the north hall. In each attendee's welcome back was a ~2 inch pixel for them to place somewhere on the board. Mine was yellow (CMYK available) and is the fourth yellow pixel in the D of GDC.

Chris and I met up afterwards and after dropping our stuff at the hotel, stood in line for while. When that line ended, an OpenFeint party was going on just inside. We decided to investigate further. The bar had some wicked awesome free to play arcade cabinets, and a SNES with a variety of games. Sadly the Mortal Kombat 3 machine's second joystick was broken, but that didn't stop us from throwing down some Street Fighter II (non-turbo... stupid lack of chun-li fireball). Also we talked to people.


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