Two Months

Tuesday June 9, 2009

In the time since my last posting; I was given the chance to tour around Fuel Industries as part of their open house, GDC-Canada has come and gone, and E3 has also now wrapped up.

My trip to Ottawa for "April Fuel's Day" was enlightening. I was able to not only to see their facilities, but also talk with the staff, and other attendees (There were at least three Tims). Discussions ranged from "What games do you play?" and "Hey, what do you think of Spot On?" to the logistics of having a second studio in Denver. I'd really like to thank Chris, and all of the programmers at Fuel, for taking the time to talk to me about their projects, programming, Fuel, and the city.

The Game Developers Confrence in Vancouver was equally interesting. Listening to The Doctors Bioware and their quest to emotionally engage the player in their wednesday keynote, something that was mentioned which I had never given too much thought; the player's voice. Do you take the route of Mass Effect and have the character speak each line based on a reaction? Or do you follow Baulder's Gate and leave the character silent, letting the player place their own voice to their limited reactions? A small section of Dragon Age was shown which revisits Baulder's Gate's methods, as well as a teaser set to The Doctors' "Anthem" (Marylin Manson's The New Shit).


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